Brrrrrr! It’s Cold Up Here!

For the last several days, the morning temperature has been hovering around -30 degrees (yes, that’s below zero Fahrenheit) with no wind-chill factor! It absolutely takes your breath away the minute you walk out the door.

Cook, Minnesota which is ten miles from our place, was just mentioned today on National Public Radio as being the coldest place in the continental United States! Most of the time it’s
Embarrass that is the coldest, which is about 50 miles West of us, but today was our day.

Water freezes very fast in these temperatures , so you don’t want to touch anything metal with wet hands or your tongue for sure! Kitty is staying in the studio/garage in his “cat house” that has an electric heating pad in it and immediately drinks the fresh water I bring out to him twice a day, before it has a chance to freeze.

Our two Labs are in the trailer with us most of the time, but when they are out in the kennels they stay in their insulated dog houses with lots of bedding. When they are in the trailer, it’s
right in front of the furnace and I don’t blame them a bit!

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