Beautiful Fall Leaf Colors

Well, where have the last two months gone? I’ve had some pressing family health issues that have kept me away, but am back in the saddle again posting some pictures of the beautiful fall leaf colors up here in northern Minnesota.

autumn leaf country road

Ran out the door just before supper to take these lovely country shots. The sun was still shinning, it was a warm evening with temperatures in the 70’s yet, with no wind and glorious!

fall leaf colors

I almost waited too long to take these pictures, because the leaves are beginning to fall off now, but still pretty, don’t you think?

beautiful leaf colors

Isn’t it nice to be outside walking and appreciating all that nature provides for us in autumn with the rich, warm color of the trees? Have you been out enjoying the beautiful fall leaf colors in your area yet?

trees autumn colors

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Fall Leaf Colors”

    1. Thank you Lynne, it’s great to be back blogging again, but with everything going on in my personal life my posts might be spotty for a while. I have done a lot of projects in the past and taken lots of pictures, so there’s certainly fodder for the posts, but may not have the time to write consistently. Reading your blog is an inspiration and I want to commend you for the great job you do to promote Eric’s basketry through it.

  1. Hi Cathryn, our leaves are turning, and seem to be about two weeks early ! The weather has been rainy for a while, but we have had a wonderful day Saturday and today ! Lovely pictures! Is that a road near you, or is that the driveway up to your house ?

    1. Jan, our leaves are on the way out now, just took those photo shots in the nick of time! The road picture is a neighbor’s driveway, not ours. Our driveway is long also, but lined with tall black spruce trees, jack pines and lots of diamond willow trees and red dogwood. It’s almost time to harvest the red dogwood osiers (straight rods), for use in my antler baskets!

  2. Cathryn, Thank you for sharing the colors. They have not started here.

    I am moved into the townhouse and unpacking. M.

    1. So glad to hear that things are going well for you now and you’re all settled down South. Winter is fast approaching up here now Marilyn, as a matter of fact snow is forecast for the end of this week! Last week on Tuesday I think, we had 23 degrees for the morning temperature and this morning it’s at 26 degrees with frost all over the pumpkins!

  3. Hi Cathryn, the pictures are stunning! Leaves here are just beginning to turn and waking up to temps in the high 50’s. Hope the health issues all got resolved. Blessings~Nancy

    1. It’s only a few days since I added those fall pictures to my blog, and with the wind we had yesterday and the day before, most of the beautiful leaves have fallen! Health issues with the family member are still ongoing and will be for the next couple years, I’m sure. Please keep us in your prayers Nancy.

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