Happy Holidays 2014-2015

paper rush collage

It’s highly possible that this might be my last blog post for 2014 so, I wanted to make sure to wish you all Happy Holidays 2014-2015 right off the bat. After hubby passed in December of 2012, I still had many, many chair caning and basket weaving classes that I was committed to in 2013. So that year was really a blur of activity with me teaching and traveling all across the country. Since I… [Continue Reading]

Will the real WickerWoman please show her face?


Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of people asking me why I haven’t been posting and when will I resume my normal schedule? Where oh where are those WickerWoman chair caning posts, what’ca been up to? Well, to be honest with ya’ll, I’ve not really been myself since hubby passed away almost exactly two years ago this month. That really rocked my whole world and took the winds right outta my sails,… [Continue Reading]

Caning Class Success at North House!

The three day chair caning class at North House Folk School started out kinda slow, because of necessary frame repairs, but the gals went home nearly finished with their projects. They each left with only part of the binder cord to finish, but had the knowledge, materials and instruction sheets to complete at home. Remember those chair frame repairs we needed to make? Here’s a couple shots from the inside rail where we reglued and… [Continue Reading]

Chair Caning Class at NHFS last day

This is the last day of the chair caning classes at North House Folk School in Grand Marais and the temperature was again pretty cold at 14 degrees. But the sun is shining brightly again and it’s glorious up here on the North Shore of Lake Superior! The students have really been working well and should be finished with their cane chair seats by the end of class today. Look what all they’ve done so… [Continue Reading]

2014 Chair Caning Class at North House

The chair caning class here at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN yesterday got started with a bit of minor chair repair to the frames before we could actually begin the weaving process. On the Lincoln rocker we opened the crack on the front rail as much as possible, applied glue, and clamped to dry for a while. Then we applied three screws between the holes, attached from the back side of the… [Continue Reading]

Antler Basket Class Results

Yesterday the gals finished their baskets for the most part, and if not completely done, at least had the knowledge and materials to finish up at home. They all did a great job and each was distinctly different from the others. Here they are still in the process of weaving, but getting there! Temperature this morning at Grand Marais, MN harbor is at 27 degrees and overcast. The seagulls were again my alarm clock as… [Continue Reading]