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First paper rush chair seat

cpeters first paper rush seat 1975

#Throwback Thursday–Here are a few pix of my first paper rush chair seat that I wove in 1975! My mother-in-law asked me to weave the rush seat on her chair, knowing I was into refinishing antiques. She had done some chair caning herself, but didn’t want to learn how to weave rush seats, so thought… [Read More]

Hand-twisted cattail rush-Throwback

cpeters rush seat weaving 1982

Throw-back Thursdays–These photos of me weaving hand-twisted cattail rush seats were taken in 1982, when I already had about six years weaving the hand-twisted rush under my belt. As you might have guessed from the odd size of these photos, the pictures were taken with a camera that produced small, square pictures. Remember those old… [Read More]

Hummingbirds arrived northern Minnesota

deck snow May 2015

The hummingbirds arrived in northern Minnesota over the weekend! I spotted my first tiny little one at the feeders on Saturday, May 16, 2015. I didn’t get a picture of that hummer and had company until this morning, so was happy to see them back again. Check my snow covered deck on May 19th! It… [Read More]

Mike Meyer Signs creates Wicker Woman sign 1991

Mike Meyer Signs erecting Wicker Woman sign

Today’s post is a Throwback Thursday— Mike Meyer Signs of Mazeppa, MN circa 1991, putting up my sign for my wicker studio in Zumbro Falls, MN at The Wicker Woman shop. As many of you may know, Mike Meyer Sign Company located in the tiny southeastern town of Mazeppa, Minnesota has become quite famous of… [Read More]

Bird feeders frosty this May morning!

bird feeder frost May

When I got up at 6am today, I looked outside to see the bird feeders were frosty! Here it is the middle of May and the morning temperature was 28°. I should know better and not be too surprised, since yesterday we had light snow here in Angora, Minnesota.    I heard last week that the… [Read More]

Keeping a furniture repair appointment log

reed wicker repair collage

Stop the crazies-schedule your furniture repair jobs  Are you in the chair caning, wicker, upholstery or refinishing business and find yourself overwhelmed with all your business clients? Is everyone asking for your services at the same time? Need to take a breather before you go crazy?  Is the business coming at you too fast and furious?… [Read More]

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