Something Wonderful Quote for Today

something wonderful quote

Here’s my new mantra for each morning before getting out of bed…

Attitude of Gratitude to Start Your Week


  Always a good start to the week with an “attitude of gratitude,” don’t you think?

Friday Foodie Feature–Stir Fry Wok

large steel wok

  I hardly ever post anything about food here on this blog, but thought for a change and to broaden the scope of my blog, I’d occasionally introduce some recipes every so often. This particular blog post today however, will be to show you what I use when making my Chicken Veggie Stir Fry and will give the actual recipe another day. Handy, Dandy Steel Wok for Stir Fry Many years ago, hubby and I… [Continue Reading]

Monday Mention–Caleb James Danish Modern Furniture

  I’ve always been fascinated by and loved the Scandinavian, specifically the Danish Modern furniture from the 1940s-1960s, now called “Mid-Century furniture.” Usually made out of teak wood, it had smooth, clean lines and was actually quite comfortable furniture to sit in. When I was a kid growing up in the 1950s, my family had a lot of the furniture. We had the dining room suite with its table, chairs and china hutch and then… [Continue Reading]

Wednesday Wicker Wisdom–Antique Wicker Furniture Eras

antique wicker rocker plant support

  In this post, I am resurrecting a regular series I began in 2009, talking about one specific topic–Antique Wicker Furniture. Wednesday seemed to be a good day of the week to focus on this topic and so began the Wednesday Wicker Wisdom series of posts. Here are a few pictures showing some pieces from the various eras of the Wicker Furniture Industry that began right here in the United States! VICTORIAN WICKER 1880s-1900 TURN… [Continue Reading]

What’s Your Slant with Splints, Reed, Hickory, Cane or Shaker Tape?

ash splint chair

  Early on in my chair seat weaving career many, many moons ago, I was told by some old-timers that when you weave a twill design or herringbone design seat, the slant should always be from the upper left to the lower right. What’s Your Slant with Splints, Reed, Hickory, Cane or Shaker Tape? Seemed reasonable and logical and looked pleasing to me so that’s the way I’ve always done the twill or herringbone design… [Continue Reading]