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Jack Jungroth’s 1988 Father’s Day gift

Cathy and Jack Jungroth 1952

Since my dad, Jack Jungroth passed away on June 7, 2011, I can no longer send the card, send the Father’s Day gift, or make the phone call on Father’s Day like I did for years and years. But he’s in my thoughts almost every day. I’m sending him love, peace and joy for all he did for me to make me the person I am today. I’m truly grateful for the help and advice he offered. When I was growing up, almost every single morning, he would eat Wheaties cereal for breakfast. So when I saw that the cereal company was running a special offer to put your photo on the box, I jumped at the chance to make that Dad’s father’s day present… [Read More]

Chair Caning and Basket Making Supplies in Ontario, Canada

Levair's Woodworking and Caning Supplies

Need chair caning supplies and basket making supplies for your next DIY project? How about some rattan reed for wicker furniture repairs? Looking for a Canadian source of cane and basket supplies and materials? Well then, check with Levair’s Woodworking and Caning Supplies, the newest addition to the Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™. Levair’s is located in Ottawa Valley, Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada and is a full-service mail order supply company, shipping all across Canada and the region. They carry a wide variety materials, everything needed for seat weaving and basket weaving projects; strand chair cane, paper rush, natural rush, cane webbing, basketry hoops, rattan reed, instruction books and tools.

Opening a wicker repair shop–#Throwback-Thursday

wicker shop zumbro falls mn 1994

#THROWBACK-THURSDAY–Opening a wicker repair shop I have always carried on my business at home so I could care for my children when they were young, and to save on expenses afterward. But in 1991, when the kids were in junior and high school, I found a very good, (make that cheap) place to rent in a small town only 10 miles away from where I lived. So I jumped on the chance and made the big move, with structured hours and everything. It was great taking the business out of the house. I loved driving to work, “punching” a time clock again, maintaining regular hours and being right on Main Street of this small town in southern Minnesota. I realized right away, that I couldn’t… [Read More]

First paper rush chair seat

cpeters first paper rush seat 1975

#Throwback Thursday–Here are a few pix of my first paper rush chair seat that I wove in 1975! My mother-in-law asked me to weave the rush seat on her chair, knowing I was into refinishing antiques. She had done some chair caning herself, but didn’t want to learn how to weave rush seats, so thought I’d like the challenge. MIL had the chair frame that was missing the seat. She had already bought the #4 paper fibre rush, which was really too small in diameter, should have used either #5 or perhaps #6 instead. And she had a magazine article with instructions on how-to weave a paper rush seat, so I was all set! Since I also had my infant son to care for and my… [Read More]

Hand-twisted cattail rush-Throwback

cpeters rush seat weaving 1982

Throw-back Thursdays–These photos of me weaving hand-twisted cattail rush seats were taken in 1982, when I already had about six years weaving the hand-twisted rush under my belt. As you might have guessed from the odd size of these photos, the pictures were taken with a camera that produced small, square pictures. Remember those old things? We lived in Rochester, Minnesota at the time and were renting, so my weaving business was relegated to the unfinished basement. I did quite a lot of wicker repair, chair caning and hand-twisted cattail rush for the antique businesses in Rochester during the 1980s. Customers coming from all over the country would bring me projects to work on, when they had appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I… [Read More]

Hummingbirds arrived northern Minnesota

deck snow May 2015

The hummingbirds arrived in northern Minnesota over the weekend! I spotted my first tiny little one at the feeders on Saturday, May 16, 2015. I didn’t get a picture of that hummer and had company until this morning, so was happy to see them back again. Check my snow covered deck on May 19th! It rained and snowed all day yesterday, so the little critters were cold, but were at all the feeders around the house. Here’s one little hummingbird at the oriole feeder on the back deck. Oh yeah, also saw my first beautiful orange and black oriole at the feeder this weekend, too. Since I put up all the hummingbird feeders a tad bit early, the first of the May, the water had… [Read More]

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