Do You Have Chair Caning Questions?

Cathryn Peters discusses various types of chair seat weaving patterns

Get help to answer your chair caning questions about techniques, patterns and care!

Do you have questions about your furniture that has woven seats? Not sure what the material is or what the pattern is called?

Need to know how to maintain your cane chairs or stain the cane to match others in a set? How about day-to-day care and cleaning of any woven seat?

Check out the Seatweaving FAQ page on where Cathryn answers several of the more commonly asked questions she receives about chair caning and other types of seat weaving furniture pieces.

Don’t know what the differences are between chair caning, rush, Danish cord and other types, techniques and patterns of chair seat weaving?

Then check out all the pictures and descriptions on the Identify Woven Seatweaving Patterns and Designs page to find out what’s what.

Do you still have chair caning questions and need to know how to care for, clean and maintain your chair cane furniture? Take a look at the Tip Sheet on Caring for Your Cane Furniture to find out all the special hints, tips and suggestions to maintain your woven cane furniture for years to come!

The Articles page has other tip sheets and features many other furniture and basket topics, too!

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have Chair Caning Questions?”

  1. There years ago I caned 2 chairs and have been happy with the results. I have started a new caning project and it is not going well. In weaving the first diagonals I have broken the first cane of each of the first 5 horizontal. I have been soaking and spraying the cane as I did 3 years ago.
    The only variable I can come up with is that my cane has sat in the attic for 3 years. My project is a standard chair bottom using “Fine” chair cane 2.50 MM, purchased in January of 2015.
    Question: Does cane get brittle with age despite soaking?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thank you for your time, George

    1. Hi George,

      Thanks for asking this question about cane storage. Cane can be used for several years after purchase, providing it’s been kept in a dark place, without any moisture or in high-temperature areas. So, storing the cane in the attic would absolutely dry it out and make it brittle. I would suggest you purchase a new supply of cane for this chair to cut down on the frustration factor if nothing else. You can buy all the materials, tools, and instruction books from the list of reputable weaving supply companies I have on my Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™. Also, visit my Chair Caning Instructions page for directions on weaving a hand-caned seat. It could be that you are making a slight mistake which is causing the cane to be more apt to break. Hope this helps and wishing you all the best at finishing your seat.

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