New use for old wicker material–Wednesday Wicker Wisdom

WEDNESDAY WICKER WISDOM–Today’s topic is about creativity in using an old wicker material in a new innovative way. Well, it’s probably not so innovative, just different…

checkerboard paper rush stool
Paper rush stool in checkerboard pattern

A while back a customer brought in this small footstool that had been woven in a checkerboard pattern, using #4 paper fibre rush. It was in sad shape and needed the seat replaced, as you can see.

checkerboard paper rush stool bottom
Bottom of paper rush checkerboard footstool

I have done this pattern before, but had a roll of some paper wicker braid sitting there on my workbench and with the customer’s permission, decided a different look with a different material might be a nice touch.

So, using some 1/2″ paper fibre braid that was typically used as trim on baby and doll buggies from the 1920s, I started weaving a checkerboard pattern on the stool only using the wicker braid.

weaving checkerboard rush stool
Weaving a checkerboard pattern out of paper wicker braid

I think the final product turned out pretty cool, don’t you?

checkerboard paper wicker braid stool
Weaving finished on checkerboard paper rush braid stool

Now, as the final finish, I applied two coats of thinned down varnish to both the top and bottom of the stool.

varnishing paper rush braid stool
Varnishing the checkerboard paper wicker braid stool seat.

That was fun using an old material with a new twist! What do you think? And how have you used old materials in new ways of weaving seats and stools?

checkerboard rush braid stool complete
Seat on the checkerboard footstool is complete!

Let us know in the comments below, what you’ve done to change things up with your weaving! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “New use for old wicker material–Wednesday Wicker Wisdom”

    1. Thanks Linda, I’ve also woven the footstools in a similar pattern, but using the wider 1″ paper fibre wicker braid. I think I like the smaller size better and doubling up on the weave, with two strands per weaver, is a nice touch too.

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