Are you a blogger? If so, how many of you bloggers also have a business page on Facebook, known as a Facebook Fan Page?

Most of us have a personal profile page where we can socialize with friends and family, but it’s also a good idea to set up a fan page for your business.

I’ve had a Facebook fan page for The Wicker Woman® quite some time now, which has a following of nearly 500 already.

TheWickerWoman Facebook Fan Page Header

And if you’d like to follow me too, there’s a Facebook icon in the social networks over there in the right sidebar that you can click on to follow!

Recently, on the Discussions tab on my page, I made a thread where everyone can post their Fan Page addy too!

That way we can all see your business Fan Page and become followers of yours. It’s a little more personal way of becoming a fan since most of us here may already be following your blogs.

Sometimes it’s difficult to discover all these cool Facebook Fan Pages and listing/posting yours on other people’s Pages is just another way of spreading the word. It’s also a good way to advertise your business without costing any money!

Click on TheWickerWoman® Facebook fan page link to follow my business fan page or click on the Facebook icon on the right sidebar. Let’s connect!

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