The Basketmaker's and Chairseater's Association

For those of you that are interested in belonging to an actual seatweaving organization, I would suggest you visit The Basketmaker’s Association (BA). Although the name is a bit deceiving, they also feature chair seat weavers of all types.

It’s published in England so of course, features events, classes and workshops in England, Scotland and other various places in Europe. They also use English terms for techniques and materials, and call classes, “courses,” which can be confusing at times.

I’ve been a member of the group for several years now, and although the membership fee is a bit steep at $72 for two years, it’s worth every penny. If for no other reason, receiving the quarterly newsletter is worth the money. They call it a newsletter, but actually each issue is really a small book filled with great pictures and articles!

Go to the fabulous website that Neil Smith has developed for the Association and then be sure to visit his domain site too, for more great stuff!

The Basketmaker’s Association
Neil Smith’s

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