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Next week John and I will be celebrating our 38th Wedding Anniversary!

John & Cathryn Peters wedding 6-23-73

John & Cathryn Peters Wedding Day 6-23-73

John & Cathryn Peters 6-17-11

John & Cathryn Peters 6-17-11









John Fritz Peters
Cathryn Jungroth
Married in Lake City, MN
23 June 1973

Children and Grandchildren

Hans & Heidi (Strack) Peters
John François Peters
Oliver Diesel Peters

Joe & Margaret (Peters) Rouleau
Lillian Teckla Rouleau

John’s Parents
Hans Joachim (77, 2004) & Dorothy (Schroeder) Peters

Cathryn’s Parents
John William (81, 2011) & Phyllis (Vehrs) Jungroth

John’s Siblings
Mark  Peters (49, 2001)
Amy Peters

Cathryn’s Siblings
James Jungroth
David Jungroth
John Jungroth

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