Newsletters from Cane & Basket Supplies

Did you know that several of the Cane & Basket Supply Companies listed on publish either a monthly or weekly newsletter?

See if your favorite chair caning or basket weaving supply company publishes a newsletter so you can subscribe and keep up on all their new products and special offers!

We always want to know about new rattan reed colors, discounts on tools or instruction books, new basketweaving patterns, and of course any new products that will make our weaving projects go more smoothly, right?

Here are some businesses that I know have newsletters, but check out all the basket & cane suppliers for yourself, too.


  • North Carolina Basket Works
  • V. I. Reed & Cane
  • H. H. Perkins
  • Basketmaker’s Catalog

What have you discovered by reading the newsletters from the Cane & Basket Supply Companies? Or haven’t you subscribed to any yet? Better get going if you haven’t. Happy Weaving!

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