WickerWoman.com New Site Redesign Launched!

Well, as you can see we launched the new WickerWoman.com site redesign and officially went "live" on Monday, February 11, 2008! It was a little premature and ahead of schedule and there are still some bugs to work out and link coding errors to fix, but basically it’s a go! This page is where you will find all changes and updates to the site, and where you should check first for notices of this type.

We’ve added many new pages of context with new how-to articles, and methods of advertising on the site, new support donation buttons, and contact-us page. Still have the useful Resource Links, Events Calendar, Cane and Basket Supplies page and others that were so popular on the old site, like the Wicker FAQ, Seatweaving and Wicker Repair. We’ve redesigned the navigation links and made the whole site more "user-friendly, too." 

So please look through all the navigation links to the left on each page, or use the top navigation on some of the pages like: Cane and Basket Supplies; Furniture Repair Directory; Publications; Basket Info Sites to get around. Enjoy!


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