Need Cane and Basket Supplies?

Are you missing a special “something” in the way of cane and basket supplies to finish your DIY project?

Do you need a specific raw material, tool, book, or embellishment to finish your chair caning or basketweaving project?

Are you looking for rattan reed, strand cane, cane webbing, binder cane, dyed reed, instruction books, patterns, wooden bases, special tools, or various kinds of bark, like cedar bark or hickory bark?

Well, look no further–you are in the right place! Find all the cane and basketmaking you’ll need for your projects on the Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™ page!

Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™ word jumble of weaving terms and tools used in basketweaving and seat weaving.
Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™ word jumble weaving terms has recently added new suppliers, so be sure to check out the additions as well as the advertisers that have been listed for years!

Chair caning weaving tools that are very helpful for your projects.
Chair Caning Tools: pegs, wedges, gauges, chisel, shell bodkin

Some of the companies offer specialties in rattan reed, chair cane, dyed reed and dyed cane, embellishments, barks, tools, books, and patterns.

Others have unusual materials like upholstery supplies, hat-making supplies, stool and chair frames, seagrass, pre-twisted natural rush, Shaker tape, hickory bark, reed and ash splints, or Danish cord.

There are over 20 companies from which to choose, all offering different products and specialties.

Are you having a problem matching up a material and don’t know what to order? The owners are all very knowledgeable and quite helpful.

Give the supplier a call, or send an email or text with a photo of the material. Then they can advise you on the type of material and let you know if they carry it.

If you are unsure of the gauge of cane to use in your project, most suppliers have tables in their catalogs that you can refer to and if not, give them a call and ask.

Hole cane footstool class with Professional Upholstery Association of Minnesota (PUAM) students.
Hole cane stool class with Professional Upholstery Association of MN students (PUAM)

Be sure to sign up for their monthly ezine newsletters to be the first to know of new product arrivals or special discounts, too!

If you are in the market to purchase supplies in bulk, be sure to inquire about their wholesale purchase program.

Some offer discounts to teachers purchasing supplies or patterns for their classes, too.

When you contact any of the suppliers listed in my directory, be sure to tell them you saw their ad on, thanks!

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