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I just received the National Basketry Organization’s newsletter for Summer 2009. Whee! Ran right back from the mailbox to read it immediately!

I’ve been a member of the NBO ever since the first organizational meeting in 1999 at Arrowmont Arts & Crafts School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and now here they are, celebrating a ten year anniversary! Congrats to everyone that made it happen, especially President Michael Davis who has held that position since the group’s inception.

To celebrate this 10-year anniversary event, there’s a Biennial Convention, “Traditions & Innovations V” going on in Portland, Oregon on July 28 – August 2, 2009 at the Portland State University.

Exciting lineup of teachers, wonderful and challenging basket classes, (traditional, including Native American, and contemporary), with a wide variety of weaving materials and techniques that you don’t find at most regular basket conventions.

Sorry to say, I won’t be attending this year as our 2nd Annual Gathering of The SeatWeaver’s Guild, of which I am the President, is taking place that very same weekend in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Please consider becoming a member of the NBO to help promote and sustain this great organization, dedicated to the traditional basketmaker as well as contemporary basketmakers, supporters and suppliers.

Read all about the Biennial and more at the website:

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