Memorial Day Tribute

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day holiday here in the US and took the time to reflect on and honor the men and women who died protecting our great country. Do you know the proper meaning, reason and traditions as to why we celebrate this day? US Memorial Day History

From the very beginning in 1868 when known as “Decoration Day” to honor those that died during the Civil War, to the present “Memorial Day” honoring all service men and women who died in all of our wars; this day is a special day of honor and recognition for those that “gave their all” so we could be free. Thank you!

Won’t you help to “Restore The Traditional Day Of Observance For Memorial Day” by signing the petition as I did? Sign the Petition to Restore Original Memorial Day Lest we forget what the day signifies, not just a 3-day holiday and beginning of summer vacation!

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