Mouse in the House!

Country Living Tales (in this case, Tails)–

You can really tell that fall is here in northern Minnesota and winter is fast approaching, when the mice try to over-run the house!

Well, as you can see here the mouse (or mice as it turns out) were very industrious over the night tearing into the toilet paper roll.

I decided to leave it in place there on the quilt rack and put out a trap with peanut butter on it to use as bait.

Next day, sure enough I caught my mouse! Knowing that when there’s one mouse, there are sure to be more, I decided to leave it up for several days.

And each day now for the last three, I’ve gotten another mouse. Ick! I sure do miss my old, “Don Gatto,” the black and white male cat we had, he was terrific at keeping these little critters at bay.

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