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Sunrise in Angora, MM

Blessings of Country Life–Sunrises Living in the country sure does have it’s blessings, like these gorgeous sunrises for example. The bright pinks, blues, purples, yellows and golds in all the sunrises, simply take my breath …

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2011-Weavin Wicker Woman blog-header

It’s highly possible that this might be my last blog post for 2014 so, I wanted to make sure to wish you all Happy Holidays 2014-2015 right off the bat. After hubby passed in December …

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green frog by the pond

One of the things I really enjoy about living the country life is encountering the various critters, all shapes and all sizes. Country Life Critters–Frogs In June we have a lot of frogs croaking in …

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something wonderful quote

Here’s my new mantra for each morning before getting out of bed…

Sunrise gratitude quote

Always a good start to the week with an “attitude of gratitude,” don’t you think?

stir fry chicken-veggie

I hardly ever post anything about food here on this blog, but thought for a change and to broaden the scope of my blog, I’d occasionally introduce some recipes every so often. This particular blog …

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Goofy face--Cathryn Peters

“Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself, for he shall never cease to be entertained” … John Powell I spotted this quote on Elizabeth Summers Numerology News one morning and just had to …

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