Family-Time Weekend

We spent a wonderful family weekend with our two-year old grandson and his daddy, who came up to visit Papa John and Gamma at the farm.

They arrived late on Friday night, and the temperature was dropping. And by Saturday morning it started to snow. That afternoon and evening we had quite a bit of snow, so the boys went riding on the four-wheeler. And when Daddy and Papa went out deer hunting, Johnny stayed with Gamma and baked oatmeal cookies.

I tried a delicious new egg-bake casserole for breakfast this morning that everybody loved. And then later, Johnny and I made meatloaf and sweet potatoes for them to take home to Mama.

Now that they’ve gone home, I’m once again trying to clean up my studio. Hubby promises to finish sanding the joints on the sheet rock, painting, wallpapering, putting up the trim and adding the lights to the north side of the shop area. South end was finished months ago, but the north end has been patiently waiting for completion.

Since there is no work right now for the millwrights up here in northern Minnesota, and that’s what hubby’s job is, now is a perfect time to finish my shop, don’t you think? And just to make sure it gets finished quickly, I’m helping on everything except painting the ceiling and installing the lights. Whaa-hoo! Happy Weaving!

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