Chair Caning in Wisconsin

Traditional chair caning-drilled holes in chair

2008–NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS in North Prairie, Wisconsin just south of Waukesha is the newest (#68th) addition and first for Wisconsin, to be added to the Furniture Repair Directory in the Chair Caning and Seatweaving section!

Natural Environments is a chair caning and seat weaving business in Waukesha County Wisconsin started in 1980.

Owner, Rita Brown is experienced in all types of chair seat weaving, so contact her today to fix your broken chair seats.

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10 thoughts on “Chair Caning in Wisconsin”

    1. Hi there, Nikki,

      Thanks so much for visiting my website but I am no longer doing the day-to-day chair caning and wicker restoration. I retired from that in 2013 when still living in Minnesota.

      However, if you contact Rita, the owner at Natural Environments listed on her ad in the National Furniture Repair Directory™–Caning Wisconsin and the blog post she would be happy to discuss your rattan outdoor furniture project.

      P.S. Be sure to also check out the handy cane and wicker care sheets on the Weaving Articles tab at the top of every page. Cathryn–The Wicker Woman

  1. My mother is looking to repair the back of one chair in her dinning set. She also wants to make sure it matches the same coloring. If you could please get back to us at your earliest convenience to discuss this.

      1. Hi….in addition to seat caning, I would like to Learn how to repair rattan furniture. Is that something you teach?

        1. Hi there Susan,

          Sorry, but I am not teaching any wicker/rattan classes only the seatweaving and basketry any longer. I have taught wicker furniture repair classes in the past though.

          One of my former students and peers, Jill Woods does offer occasional wicker repair workshops. You can contact her through her listing on my site in the Furniture Repair Directory™ Tell Jill I sent you!

  2. I have a child’s chair that I would like to have the seat repaired. I might not be able to get it up to you until next fall. Would you have any interest in some old chairs that are missing seats? It is a long story but I have some that were part of an old dining room set. They are made for small people and we are not small. Thank you! Martha Plapp

    1. Hi there Martha,

      I can most likely help you with the child’s chair seat repair and can schedule an appointment with you for this fall. And I would be interested in seeing some of the chairs that you want to get rid of. Are they hole-to-hole cane seats or what? I will continue this conversation privately in an email instead of posting here to the What’s New page. But did you see the National Furniture Repair Directory where seatweaving experts from all over the country advertise their skills? Maybe someone else in the Seatweaving or Wicker Repair sections would be closer to you since you didn’t mention where you live, I’m just guessing. Find the Directory tab on the left side navigation on almost all pages and at the bottom of every page there is a hotlink.

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