Chair Caning Feline Helper

Our son presented us with this male cat last year, who has a really bad quirk of jumping up on my shoulder any time he pleases!

I was posing for this picture showing the flexibility of the English caning needles, when all of a sudden, the cat was perched on my shoulder. Strangest thing, him jumping from a dead standstill right up on my shoulder. Never heard of such a thing before in all the 30-40 years I’ve owned cats, is this normal?

His name is Don Gato, (the cat), but I’ve renamed him “Squirrel Cat,” because of this jumping thing and the fact that he seems to go bazerk every once in a while running around chasing windmills and whatnot! What a squirrel he is, but boy, do I enjoy having him around.

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2 thoughts on “Chair Caning Feline Helper”

  1. Where can I go to purchase an English caning needle? I’ve seen caning needles on many websites but I would assume they are not the ‘English’ ones.
    I have been reading about hand caning chairs and have one I am about to try for the first time. It seems like this needle would be a big timesaver.

    1. Hi David,

      I use the flat English caning needles frequently on my hole-to-hole cane chairs and the round American caning needle on the porch cane or binder cane chairs. You can purchase the English caning needles from Peerless Rattan, which you can find on my Cane and Basket Supplies Directory. Glad I could help, let me know what you think after you’ve used it for a while.

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