Cathryn’s Antler Baskets in 2009 Basketry Exhibition–Amana, Iowa

Leanin' Tree Antler Basket Sculpture“A Celebration of Basketry Teachers and Their Classes” is the next in the series of invitational basketry exhibitions, which began in 2005 and held at the Philip Dickel Basket Museum and Gallery in the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

Opening reception is Sunday, May 24, 2009 and runs from May 25,2009 to October 5, 2009 in West Amana, IA.

2009’s exhibit is a tribute to nationally recognized instructors that teach/tour throughout the US, representing each instructor’s style of weaving and choice of materials, and showcasing the baskets they teach.

For this exhibition, I’ll submitting a couple of my antler baskets featuring hand-gathered materials and the rib-style baskets I teach, which have the antler incorporated as the handle. My antler basket and others were also included in the 2007 exhibit “Baskets of Yesterday and Today: Baskets from Iowa Basket Weavers Guild”

For more information visit the website at Broom & Basket Shop or email Joanna E. Schanz

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