Caning in the unfinished studio/garage

Here I am a few weeks ago, finishing up on the seat caning job on the pesky Italian chair that had so much glue on the underside. As you can see, our studio/garage is still unfinished.

With winter fast approaching here in the northland, we have to complete the electrical for the inspection, then do all the insulation work and sheetrock, before I can work out there this winter. I’ve been working out there, but when the temperature drops much below 50 degrees, it’s hard on the hands and feet and not easy to weave with no heat!

It took me quite a while to remove all that rubbery glue and the staples that had been applied to each ending strand! The previous weaver didn’t tie knots nor did he try to hide them, used staples and glue instead, weird!

Returned the chair to its owner and she was pleased with the way it turned out. Color matched the seat to the back and it looked like new once again!

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