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My site,, has been online since 1999 and have NEVER been in the business of selling chair cane and basket weaving supplies to the general public. The only time I do sell cane and basket weaving supplies is to my chair caning students or antler basket weaving students in my classes.


That fact is stated repeatedly across my website and always has been, but yet I continue to get calls from prospective customers about purchasing the supplies they need, from me.

AS ALWAYS, I refer them to the CANE & BASKET SUPPLIES DIRECTORY™ page of my website. Here are listed over 30 excellent companies who are in the express business of selling chair cane and basket weaving supplies of all types; raw materials, instruction books, patterns, chair caning supplies, wicker basket weaving supplies, rattan reed, cane webbing, strand cane, lace cane, splint, wooden bases and more!

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I am not about to try and reinvent the wheel here, so to speak, and begin a cane and basket supply business when there are already many, many fine companies that are already set up to do exactly that.


chair caning and basket weaving supplies

So, when you are looking for chair caning supplies to reweave that chair cane project, or you want to weave a new rattan reed basket for a gift or for yourself, or need some embellishments or basket weaving instruction books, please contact the fine businesses on the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™ here on, where you can purchase all your raw materials, weaving tools, instruction books and more!

The link is posted on the top navigation bar of every page and on the right sidebar of almost every page of this website and on the Start Here! page for easy reference.

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