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Peters teaching onion basket class

Where are local and state basket guilds?

Are you a basketmaker searching for a way to connect and bond with others? Looking for your state basket weaving guilds?

Have you always wanted to attend a basketry convention, workshop or class but didn’t know where to turn?

There are a number of basketweaving guilds across the country and I’ve made locating some of them easy for you.

The Basket Guilds link page is a perfect place to connect, especially if you are a new weaver interested in learning more about the craft.

You will be able to find teachers and connect with other members to take classes, workshops, and conventions.

Here you can find out about those basket guilds and events taking place all over the country and locate fellow basketmakers to create your community.

Check out the complete listing of basket guilds around the country on!

Just go to the Basket Weaving Guilds page where you’ll find over 50 basketry guilds and associations that are represented on the Internet with their own individual websites.

For those of you interested in joining International Basket Guilds or Associations, such as the Basketmakers’ and Chairseaters’ Association (BA) from the UK, it’s a simple click on the link to get you there! Couldn’t be easier!

Happy Weaving! And when you find your local or state basket guilds be sure to tell them that you found their link right here on! Many Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Basket Guilds Listing”

    1. Hi Susan,

      I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t found any classes on the Ft. Worth, TX guilds page, no, I do not know of anyone in that area teaching classes. I would suggest you contact the the guild directly through their website contact form, email, or message. Hope that helps, good luck.

  1. I am looking for a basket weaving class or someone who teaches in the Ft. Worth area. I have had some classes in the past but would like to get back into the craft. Please let me know if there is someone or a group that you recommend. Thank you, Jane

    1. Hi Jane,

      Hopefully, you’ve clicked on the links on this post to find the Basket Guilds in your area. There’s a very large Texas State Basket Guild and several other smaller guilds in Texas so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble connecting with other basketmakers.

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