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We had a wonderful time at the 10th Anniversary Headwaters Basketry Workshop in Bemidji, MN over the weekend of April 16, 17 & 18th. The attendance was a bit lower than previous years, but everyone had a great time. Take a look at the classes I taught, one new seatweaving stool and two antler baskets.

Joy Parker, birch bark basketmaker and teacher was the featured speaker at Saturday’s dinner banquet. She brought several samples of her work, including a hat, backpack, shoes and several traditional utilitarian baskets and then taught a short class.

The theme was the Year of the Troll, so we had lots of fun with that. Everyone received a troll, (wonder what they go for on eBay?), heard the history of trolls, and were invited to dress up their troll at a class after the dinner. Wonderful door prizes from several Cane & Basket Suppliers featured on my website, terrific International food, nice weather, and great renewals of friendships between all!

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