The Wicker Woman’s Weblog is One Year Old!

Yesterday marked the 1st Anniversary of The Wicker Woman’s Weblog!!!!! My how time flies, who would’a thunk it could last so long?

It’s really been fun and I hope I’ve enlightened my readers to the interesting and exciting world of wicker furniture, the art of chair seat weaving, and the time-honored craft of handmade basketry.

Sprinkled in with those topics have been some great articles about what’s happening in the rustic furniture field, how-to articles, pictures of Native American sweetgrass, links to fantastic websites to visit, complete newspaper articles to read, pictures of my deer antler basketry, and so much more.

Thanks to all of you that read my blog, hope I’ve brightened your day, if only for a brief span of time! Continue to come back often to read my almost daily BLOG.

Best to you always, and continued Happy Weaving!

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