Shipping woven chair seats for repair–Tuesday Tips

removable spline cane seatNeed to have your favorite cane or rush chair seat rewoven? The chair caning or paper rush is shot and you can’t use the chair anymore?

Did you use the National Furniture Repair Directory™–Seatweaving section to find an repair expert? But they’re located far away from you, maybe in another state?

Well, you’re in luck if  you have the type of chair seat that can be removed from the framework. Let your chair caning expert know you have this type of seat, unscrew it from the frame, then pack it well and ship it off to them.

Be sure to prepay for the shipping both ways and send the return shipping label inside the package along with the seat.

removable hole-to-hole cane seatAlways be sure to send a separate packing slip on the top of the packing materials, that has your name and address as well as the name and address of the person you are shipping the package to.

That way if the shipping address is destroyed, smudged or anything else has happened to it, someone could open the package and know where it is going and/or where to send it back.

Then after all the repairs are completed the weaver can just send it back to you. Viola!

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  1. I have a fellow caner in Philadelphia who sends me his overflow work. He also happens to work for UPS so he prints up his own return labels. We have been using a bubblewrap sleeve that was from a wide-screen TV
    to ship the removable chair seats back and forth. It has survived four trips so far and the seats have not been damaged. I also have collected boxes with various dimensions that are suitable for shipping chair seats and a nice bunch of bubbblewrap sheets.

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