Several new videos added to TheWickerWoman Youtube Channel

As some of you might remember, my old PC computer from 2001 (yikes, it was 11 years old), was on its last leg and about to crash at the end of last year.

So I bought a new computer, taking advantage of year end sales, but before I completely shut down the old ‘puter I put all the important stuff like pictures, videos and documents on flash drives and the terrabite once we got that, too.

But now for one big problem — I have things scattered all over the place and can’t find pictures when I want them. Had even completely forgotten about several videos taken last year and before, that I was always going to upload to The Wicker Woman YouTube Channel and put here on the blog, too.

I finally ran across some of the How-to Harvest Birch Bark videos from 2011 and have posted them in a series (because I couldn’t figure out how to splice them together), to the channel for you to see.

Notice I’m wearing my smoked reed hat with the birch bark strips woven into it? Made that several years ago at The Woodlander’s Rustic Furniture Gathering down in Mineral Springs, WI in 2004(?).

And then I added the birch bark strips at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN when we instructors made things out of a birch bark tree cut down especially for us to use in the “All From One Tree” exhibition and demonstration. Must have been around 2006 or 2007 if I remember correctly?

My mother says that hat is not the most complimentary style for me, but it is an eye catcher, don’t you think?

Several more chair caning and basketry videos will be coming soon as I figure out how to do the editing, working on my new MacBookPro laptop. Boy, what a steep learning curve this has been for the old dyed-in-the-wool PC user!

How about the rest of you, have any good hints and tips for me regarding the MacBookPro computer and the iMovie editing program? Thanks, hope to hear from you soon, please leave comments below!


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