Monday Mention-Lisa Hoang Phototgrapher

Today’s mention is the wonderful photography work of Hawaii based photographer, Lisa Hoang and her three websites, Simply Baby Photography, Lisa Hoang Photography and Windward Skies.

A couple weeks ago, Lisa inquired about the wicker baby buggy that she used in her photography and wanted to know the era in which it was made, what materials it was made from, etc., etc., etc.

I wrote back answering her wicker questions and also asked if I could use her image here on my blog (you must do that to avoid copyright problems, you know!).

Surprise, surprise, she said, “Yes” and also enclosed this other wicker baby buggy image with the sleeping baby. Isn’t it just darling?

Lisa could find no manufacturer’s label, so we don’t know what company made it and exactly when it was made, but here’s the information I sent her about her wicker baby buggy:

Wicker buggy was made in the 1910-1925 era, has rubber covered wire wheels, body and hood are made using flat and round rattan reed with original paint. Back folds down so baby can lay flat, there’s a moving reversible hood, wooden push handle, and foot brake on the front wheel axels.

Go to the Wicker FAQ page on my website to see answers to questions you might have on wicker furniture, too. And be sure to visit Lisa’s great websites and tell her you saw her on the Weavin’ Wicker Woman’s Blog! Thanks!

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