green frog by the pond

Country Life Critters

One of the things I really enjoy about living the country life is encountering the various critters, all shapes and all sizes. Country Life Critters–Frogs In June we have a lot of frogs croaking in the nearby ponds, in fact, frequently the noise is so loud you can hardly hear yourself think! Imagine my surprise …

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Mouse in the House!

Country Living Tales (in this case, Tails)– You can really tell that fall is here in northern Minnesota and winter is fast approaching, when the mice try to over-run the house! Well, as you can see here the mouse (or mice as it turns out) were very industrious over the night tearing into the toilet …

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Shed Antler Grows Into Tree!

Ever heard of an antler growing out of a tree? Well, The Shed Antler Blog posted some very interesting pictures of a shed antler growing into the base of a tree trunk! Take a look, you have to see it to believe it! http://shedantler.net/archives/2007/03/08/shed-antler-grown-into-tree/

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