Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully, you will be with your family, friends and other loved ones today, thankful and grateful to be living here in these United States.

Thanksgiving Antler Basket Day Wishes

How is it that we celebrate this holiday anyway? Did you know that George Washington was the first president to proclaim a day of thanksgiving and he did so on October 3, 1789?

But then in 1863, 74 years later, President Lincoln actually proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise” to be held every year on the last Thursday in the month of November, creating the national holiday we celebrate today.

We are lucky to have nutritious food, reasonable cost housing, good education and the freedom to do almost everything we desire. We have abundance all around and I’m thankful that I’m open to receiving it, are you?

I thank God for each and every new day that is given to me and consider it the most precious gift to treasure. Hopefully, I will be around for many more years, but if not, I’m thankful and grateful that I’ve been blessed to be here to enjoy what I have.

Take time this day to appreciate all those around you, give thanks and express your gratitude for all you have and will have. Enjoy Life!

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