cattails growing in a pond

Cattails growing in a pond

Ever wonder what could be done with all those cattails you see in the road ditches, marshes, ponds and even in your back 40 acres?


Cathryn demonstrating how-to weave a cattail leaf rush seat

With a minimum amount of time for your labor and free for the taking, cattail leaves are the perfect material for basket weaving projects and various types of rush chair seat weaving.

Contrary to what some folks will tell you, harvesting the leaves of cattails is not against the law.

It’s simply like mowing your lawn since you are not disturbing the rhizome roots at all, just cutting the leaves.

Of course, if you are harvesting from someone else’s property, then you must get permission. But if you are cutting in the roadside right-of-way, it’s usually not a problem.

To be on the safe side you might want to contact your local Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Game Office, and/or your local highway department to ask their permission.


cattail leaves freshly harvested

Cattail leaves harvested for chair seat weaving

Learn all about how I harvest cattail leaves from roadside ditches and ponds near my home in northern Minnesota.

And then how to process cattail leaves for use in weaving the seats of your favorite old antique chairs using the lowly cattail leaf!

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used cattail leaves in your weaving projects! Did you gather and harvest the leaves yourself or did you buy them from a supplier?

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