Falling Down the Blogging Hole– Viewing Artist's Studios

Oh my goodness! Where did the morning go? I was trying to be so efficient and spend only a few minutes reading my emails, updating my blogs, putting a few items on Twitter and Facebook profile page.

And then I was going to straighten up my studio (keep in mind, we are still in the construction phase) a bit and dig into weaving more antler baskets and finishing the customer chair caning jobs I have waiting. Well, that was THREE hours ago and now I’ve missed lunch and my stomach is growling and time has flown out the window!

I’m going to blame it all on a good friend Lois, because I was viewing her quilting blog at Lady of Imaginative Sewing when I lost all track of time! I looked at her beautiful sewing projects including some lovely quilts and started Following her blog, too! I thought I was already following it, but Google reported that I was not.

Anyway, after looking through Lois’s blog, I began clicking on other blog links and that’s when I became really lost. I stumbled across a contest that was going on about what quilter’s studios looked like, and people were to post pictures of theirs.

Some quilter’s studio pictures that were to dye for (pardon the pun) and others were kinda messy and jumbled up (like my studio), but this one really jumped out and bit me with its neatness. Looked like it was staged for a magazine photo shoot!

Candy Glendening’s Candied Fabrics Art Quilts & Everyday Art is absolutely perfect in my old eyes! Wow! Take a look and see if you don’t agree that this is how we should all organize our studios, whether they be basketmaking studios, quilting studios or other types of craft studios.

Please visit Candy’s site and come back here to leave your comments about this Viewing Artist’s Studios post. How about we all begin posting photos of our work area? Who knows, you might also be an inspiration to others with your very own studio photo shots! Let’s get ’em posted, OK?

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