Experiencing the cold…

Well, for a brief two hours this evening hubby and I got to experience some “quality time” together and to see what it was like to be without power with temperatures in the -20 degree range! No computer, television, radio, lights, power to the gas fired boiler or anything!

We had gone to the grocery store in the very late afternoon and returned home around 5:15 p.m. when it was still light outside, to find that we were without electricity.

When we drove by the neighbors house, we noticed things were kinda dark there, but didn’t think anything of it, maybe they were taking a nap or something. And I was sure I had paid the electric bill so I knew they didn’t shut us off on purpose. So there must have been an accident or something, tree fell over and broke the lines, who knows?

We quickly put all the groceries away in the fridge and freezer and then rounded up all the headlamps, flashlights, camp light, candles and the candelabra and started a fire in the wood stove.

We nibbled on some cheese and crackers, drank some wine and had trail mix. And were quite warm, cozy and content to be together reading (by headlamp and candlelight no less), awaiting the return of the power so we could once again be on “the grid” where we belonged!

reading by headlamp

It’s amazing how warm the place stayed even though the outside temperature was so cold. And it’s all because we have that wonderful in-floor radiant heat throughout the concrete floor, which stays warm for a very long time and of course, thanks also to the little wood stove.

reading by candlelight

We are very grateful to Lake Country Power for restoring the power so quickly! But we were ready and prepared for a longer duration, just glad we didn’t have to press our luck.

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2 thoughts on “Experiencing the cold…”

  1. Yes, it is bad enough when the power goes in the summertime.
    We also love our radiant floor heat – steady, pleasant heat with no air circulating all the dust etc around the house.
    Hope that you still are cozy and warm.

    1. I love the radiant floor heat and think that it’s really helped alleviate my allergy and asthma symptoms too, and it’s so quiet. The shop still gets dusty, but that’s mostly from the gravel road dust infiltration into the building and not due to the dust blowing around in here as it does with forced air heating systems. I’m so thankful for the radiant floor heating invention!

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