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Last month while at the Woodlanders Gathering in Mineral Point, WI, I purchased nine rooted basketweaving willow plants from Lee Zieke Lee of Willow Glen Nursery in Davenport, IA (link is above). As yet, I still haven’t planted them, but consulted with her this morning about proper placement and care/maintenance.

Check out Lee’s excellent website, but you’ll have to call her about getting any willow, she doesn’t ship plants, but does ship dry willow and willow cuttings. However, you could go to the nursery and purchase some, or see her at a show and purchase some then, like I did!

Although we have lots of diamond willow and some other wild willow here on our 120 acres, we do not have any cultured (cared for and groomed) basketweaving willow. I bought three different varieties and can’t remember the names of them right now, but Lee assured me they were the best ones for basketweaving. One is a variety of German Basketweaving willow that I am very anxious to work with next fall, if it attains enough height by then.

We’ve had a lot of rain the last couple of days, so I might have to put off my transplanting for a few more days. But that will give me ample time to decide just where to locate the plot. Here’s a picture of the patch.

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