Weavin' Wicker Woman™ MIA, part 2

The mishap with the blog saga continues…

So, I taught myself hand-coding, using tutorials available online bought some website design and coding reference books. I still have those books too, but most are pretty outdated now.

I bought my own domain name, decided the focus would be a resource site for chair caning, wicker furniture repair and basketry, designed and hand-coded the site and put it on the Internet, all nine pages of it in November of 1999!

Now, that same wicker related resource site has branched out to over 200 pages with many more features. And a couple years ago when I did a revamp of the design and launched a bigger and better version, began using templates and WYSIWYGs. I also hired a very talented website designer, who has helped me immeasurably with the new setup.

Then in 2004, I began blogging here on Blogger.com, which has the delightful WYSIWYGs! Coding is all done behind the scenes using CSS and HTML coding, but the owner/blogger only has to work with the WYSIWYG, supplying them with simple, user-friendly page elements to just “click and drag” and all that good stuff.

I’ve experimented around with various templates, but really only cared for a few. I was trying to keep things simple for me and generate some passive income, but at the same time, provide interesting content and a reason for people to follow my blog.

Which gives you a little background as to the “why” the problems occurred this last week, concerning the Weavin’ Wicker Woman ™ Blog… I messed around in the code, trying to convert the two-column format into a three-column format…continued, part 3.

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