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National Basketry Organization (NBO)

National basketry information guild began in 1999, focusing on basketmakers, conventions, exhibitions, etc.

Alan Beebe’s Basketry Information

A collection of basketry information.

Linda Braun’s Baskets, Etc.

One of the first basketry information websites!

Neil Smith’s

Providing information for and about basketmakers and chair seaters in the United Kingdom (UK).

The Basketmakers’ Association, UK

Promoting basketry, chairseating and allied crafts internationally, but specifically in the United Kingdom (UK).

Susi Nuss’

A comprehensive informational site for basketmakers, basket artists, vendors of basketmaking materials.

English Basketry Willows

New York basketmaker Bonnie Gale’s site about willow basketmaking and willow growing in the United States and abroad.

Wicker Woman on Baskets, Etc.

Chair caning, wicker repair and antler basketry examples.


Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World.

Pine Needle Group

Pamela Zimmerman’s Yahoo! Groups, a gathering place to further the art of pine needle basketry and other coiling methods.

Native Tech

A resource for indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples.

Needle Pointers

Visit for all of your crafting needs, including basketmaking and chair seat weaving!

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