918 Maple Street, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA
918 Maple Street Perrysburg OH 43551

Carrie Weiss, owner of Black Swamp Seat Weaving, LTD, was taught to weave by her grandmother at the early age of 15.

Her grandmother patiently taught her to take pride in her work, weave the best she possibly can, and to continually challenge herself.

After 45+ years, she continues to do this to this very day.

Over the years since Carrie first began weaving, she has expanded her abilities to include ALL forms of weaving, such as, hand cane, blind cane, cane webbing, rush, splint, and wicker.

She works on weaving projects for individuals, museums, refinishers, upholsterers, interior decorators, and many others.

Carrie also treats every project with the care and meticulous attention it deserves, while taking on some of the most difficult projects.

Every project is a challenge that she is confident she will complete.

Not only does Carrie care about the finished project and the happiness it will bring her customers, but she also loves what she does, and it shows.


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Carrie Weiss
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Perrysburg, Ohio
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