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***The article on this page, originally published in 2005, is years out of date, and Barbara has asked me to update its content. She sent this note:

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“All of my crafts and home-business books remain available on Amazon—along with many terribly outdated earlier editions being offered by various used-book sellers.

Although changing technology, laws, and Web marketing practices have naturally made a few sections of even the last editions of my books outdated, each book still contains a wealth of TIMELESS business management and marketing advice from me and the many business pros and experts who contributed to it.

But given the age of these books, it would be a good idea to check your library before purchasing any of these titles from a used book seller. This BOOKS page on my website describes the content of each print book and also links to books I’ve published recently, including a tax management eBook and a memoir.” ***

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Barbara Brabec is an arts and crafts author, home-based business guru, and friend of mine. Over the years she has been of invaluable help to home-based, small business, and self-employed craftspeople, writing a multitude of books, a monthly column for The Crafts Report, making TV appearances and maintaining her website, Barbara Brabec’s World

Barbara’s latest books are Homemade Money–Starting Smart!blank and Homemade Money–Bringing in the Bucks!blank They are the end all and be all to every question you may have about starting and maintaining a crafts business, bar none.

Barbara’s books take you from the very beginning stages of your business to closing it after a long and successful journey. You get answers to questions about choosing a name, obeying zoning laws, how to juggle toddlers and maintain the household while running your home-based business, marketing, accounting, and taxes, plus much, much more.

On a personal note, I was a contributing author to these books and several others of Barbara’s. My expertise with marketing, website development and art shows appears in them, along with many more hints, tips and valuable insight from many other well-respected craftspeople.

Everything you ever needed and wanted to know about the crafts business, home-based business or self-employed business is right here in this comprehensive information packed two-volumes!

Make your purchase for your home reference library today, start your business out on the right foot!

Go to Barbara’s website to learn more about her, services and her wonderful books.

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