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Free Article–Gathering, Processing and Weaving with Cattails!

FREE ARTICLE–Gathering, processing and weaving chair seats and baskets using cattail leaves! Ever wonder what could be done with all those cattails you see in the road ditches, marshes, ponds and even in your back 40? With a minimum of labor and free for the taking, cattail leaves are the perfect material for basket weaving projects and chair caning or seatweaving. Learn all about how […]

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Wicker Repair Article in October Collector’s Journal

In the upcoming 14th Annual Repair & Restoration Register of the Collector’s Journal antique newspaper, keep your eyes peeled for my child’s wicker rocker repair article, complete with accompanying step-by-step photos. Collector’s Journal The October issue always features repairs and restorations, and last year in the 13th Annual Repair & Restoration Register, my “7-Handy Hints to Keep Your Wicker In Tip-Top Shape” was included.

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4th Annual Goods From the Woods, ‘Up North’ Marketplace

Goods from the Woods™ (GFTW) is a Minnesota-grown initiative that combines educational workshops, an ‘Up North’ specialty forest products marketplace and a community festival to celebrate northern forests and promote a vibrant forest-based economy. The 4th annual ‘Up North’ Marketplace will be open to the public on Saturday, September 16 from 9:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday, September 17 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 […]

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Woman’s Day Specials Budget Decorating Ideas

In the Woman’s Day Specials Budget Decorating Ideas, Volume XVI, Number 2 Summer 2006 magazine, written by Mary Jane H. Fromm, The Wicker Woman business was mentioned in an article about wicker furniture, but they got my name incorrect, referring to me as “Carolyn” Peters, instead of “Cathryn.” Oh well, it’s positive publicity and we thank you Woman’s Day.

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Three Additions on the Furniture Repair Directory

Stephen J. Berne, owner of the Acacia chair seat weaving business in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the newest addition to the Seatweaving section of the Furniture Repair Directory! Now all you folks out in the western United States and western Canada have a competent 24-year veteran seatweaver to work on your pieces. At the complete opposite part of the country lives Andrew Dick, owner of […]

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Interwoven: Visions of the Great Basin Basketmakers

If you are in Nevada or considering a vacation there, be sure to stop in and see the wonderful basketry exhibition going on now at the Nevada State Museum of the work from the Great Basin Basketmakers Guild. Here’s the introduction taken from the Museum’s site, be sure to click on the link to see it in entirety. Carson City, Nevada: The Nevada State Museum […]

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Wicker Woman’s Weavings April Ezine Issue Sent!

The April issue of Wicker Woman’s Weavings ezine was sent out to 838 subscribers on April 30 14, 2006. This issue had the Welcome and Editor’s Notes FYI Wicker–How to Tell Antique Wicker from a Reproduction FYI Seatweaving–Weaving a Reed Splint Seat? FYI Basket Weaving–Softening Pine Needles Announcements At My Blog sections…. The FEATURED BUSINESS OF THE MONTH was Suzanne Moore’s North Carolina Basketworks http://www.NorthCarolinaBasketworks.com […]

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