Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed Seatweaver

Barbara Brabec Cut Self-Employment Taxes

Need tax deductions for your self-employed seatweaving business to put more money in your pocket?

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Great Tax Tips from Home Business Maven Barbara Brabec:

Barbara Brabec is the author of How to Maximizing Schedule C Deductions, an eBook specifically written to help Schedule C filers who are tired of giving so much of their home-business profits to the IRS in the form of self-employment taxes.

“In talking with home-business owners nationwide,” says Barbara, “I’ve learned that most have no idea at all of the many tax advantages of a home-based business. They think they are doing everything right when they hire a tax preparer, accountant or CPA to do their taxes, but if they haven’t kept track of all their expenses in the first place, they will end up paying higher taxes than necessary.”

“I’ve worked with several different CPAs through the years, and none of them ever suggested that I might be overlooking a deduction. Always so busy at tax time, they just took the figures I gave them and dropped them in the appropriate slots on the tax forms, often making mistakes in the process.”

“Even when you believe you have a qualified tax preparer or accountant, you may have problems simply because tax regulations are so complicated, so confusing, and often so vague that they can be interpreted in different ways.”

“While an aggressive accountant may interpret a particular tax rule in such a way that it becomes a valuable tax deduction for you, a more conservative accountant might say, ‘I wouldn’t take this deduction if I were you because . . .’ (which could cost you the loss of a legal tax deduction if you’re less than savvy about taxes).”

Self-employed Need Tax Deduction Guidance

Brabec warns that it’s simply not prudent to put all your faith and trust in your tax adviser. “You must do your homework if you want to claim every legal Schedule C tax deduction to which you are entitled,” she emphasizes. “If you’re serious about saving money, and aren’t an expert on taxes, you need to inform yourself on this topic.”

“Always waiting until the last minute in April to think about your tax situation is a BIG mistake because there are things you could be doing throughout the year, and especially at the end of each year, to lower the amount of self-employment taxes you’ll have to pay on April 15. I know the topic of taxes is considered boring to most business owners, but saving money isn’t a boring topic, and this book isn’t boring, either,” Barbara concludes.

Barbara’s eBook is “. . .humorous, entertaining and chock full of tax tips and information to help you improve your bottom line,” says Bill Ronay, “It will help you navigate the maze of Schedule C Deductions and come out on the other side with a fistful of deductions,” says Traci Vanover, Etsy shop owner.

Claim All Your Legal Tax Deductions

How to Maximizing Schedule C Deductions is a 62-page Kindle eBook for U.S. taxpayers who file a Schedule C form. Add this information-packed eBook (tax deductible, of course) to your reference library today to be alerted to tax deductions you haven’t been taking in the past, learn how to avoid costly IRS tax pitfalls, and perhaps save hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes not only this year, but every year in the future.

Click here to order or get additional information on saving money on your Schedule C tax returns! You can sample pages of the book prior to ordering. Barbara updates this ebook annually!

I purchased this book when it first came out a few years ago and can attest to it helping me save money by getting all the tax deductions I was legally entitled to. Now I know what all I can and cannot deduct and have all my records compiled correctly for my CPA, making tax time almost enjoyable!


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