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Steve Austin, New York furniture restoration specialist, writer and editor has resurrected his Professional Refinishing, Restoration & Conservation (PRORRC) online furniture magazine!

New domain name of,
but still packed with great information, including many of the articles that appeared in the previous edition.

The old magazine was geared toward the professional furniture restoration crowd, but now Steve’s opened up the new magazine to the general public; professional as well as hobbyist, anyone that has an interest in furniture, woodworking, stripping & refinishing, etc.

To locate articles quickly, Steve’s set up a Master List on the main page, just look for the red dot. Several of my articles are there and I will be adding more as time permits. Check out the steps on how-to make wicker furniture repairs on a child’s rocker, gathering cattails, bulrush seatweaving, history of the wicker furniture industry and many more!


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