This week’s MONDAY MENTION is a bit of a departure from my normal chair caning, wicker or basketry topic, but I’m sure will be very beneficial to all of my readers.

I was on Twitter this morning checking the new feature of Listing, when I came across a #FridayFollow by a person I was already following. She recommended following life and business coach, Shawn Driscoll as a person she would follow anywhere.

So, typical of the way things work on Twitter, I followed my peep’s recommendation and was delighted to read all about Shawn from Shawn’s Twitter account, and then clicked on her domain website, too

There I found her blog, which I subscribed to right away and got her free audio download about how-to improve your business and your attitude about business.

Now I have also BeFriended her on Facebook, so we’re all set! I think this is one lady you’d be happy to get in touch with and have her as one of your Peeps and Friends, too!

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