Monday Mention–SeatWeavers’ Guild in Basket Bits Mag!

An article about The SeatWeavers’ Guild appears in the current February 2010 Issue#69 of Basket Bits Magazine!
For those  of you not familiar with this terrific basketmakers’ magazine, Basket Bits has been around since the early 1980s. It’s always been a great quarterly basket magazine, written especially for and by basketmakers!
Before the Internet became so popular, reading Basket Bits magazine was one of the few ways basketmakers could stay connected with their peers and learn about events going on in the industry.
Originally began by basketmaker and teacher, Jim Rutherford, Basket Bits is now being published and edited by Sandy Bulgrin and her family.
Jim passed away a few years ago and if memory serves me here, Sandy and her family were related to him and took over the magazine a few years before he passed.
I subscribed right away when I heard about the magazine and have maintained my subscription ever since, with only a few lapse in between. I just ran across all my old copies and spent hours going through them all. Once upon a time, I thought of selling them on eBay, and now I’m really, really glad I didn’t! What a treasurer!
Anyway, if and when you read this latest issue, you will also learn a bit more about our innovative and unique new chair caning guild called, The SeatWeavers’ Guild, of which I am the President, webmaster and publicist.
Our website is in the process of another redesign and not quite finished, but the membership application form is there along with a bit of our history and some YouTube videos.
Please take a look at our site and consider joining our SeatWeavers’ Guild so you can get in on all the fun, especially at our Gatherings (annual meetings and workshops) that take place in July. This year we have a change of location and will be at Tiller’s International in Scotts, Michigan.

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