Domain Host switches to new platform!

The much awaited web site domain transition from the old platform to the new by my host company, has finally taken place with, and seems to be working fairly well so far.

The company decided to upgrade to a new platform (in laymen’s terms that’s a new-fangled and improved system), way back in November. I requested that my site be transitioned to the new platform on January 25th and it was just completed yesterday on the 3rd of February. It’s not supposed to take so long, but there was a glitch with the email (I don’t know what), but it’s been fixed.

Since I am the webmaster on my site and have been ever since I started the site in 1999, there’s a lot I have to learn about the new control panel and different coding techniques, etc., etc., etc.
What all this is leading up to is my request for you to look over the whole site and report any problems you find. Use the email addy: [email protected] to report problems.

Thank you so much, getting ready to “launch” a new complete redesign of the entire site soon, too. But right now the new platform is not allowing me access to the new design site, nor can anyone see it yet. Still working out some “bugs” but hope to have that fixed in a day or two also!

Happy Weaving!

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