Last day of January 2013


Well, this being the last day of January 2013, I thought I’d better give you all an update on things up here at “North Camp.”


That was what my late hubby affectionally called our place up here in northern Minnesota, Angora, where we’ve lived for the last 10 years.

Guess I spoke too soon on my last blog post from January 23rd regarding the cold temps we had this month. Well, guess I was correct in that it was the coldest temperature so far this season.

Just the next day we had -30 degrees overnight and then on Thursday, the 24th we had -35 degrees and on Friday it was at -36 degrees!

Now remember ya’ll, that’s air temperature without any wind chill.


This is mightly cold, but it gets worse during the week!

coldest day 1-24-13

January 24, 2013 was the coldest day of the year, so far.

If you listen to the national news weather forecast, you’ve undoubtedly heard that Embarrass, Minnesota, a little burg just about 30-40 miles southeast of us, had the coldest temperature in the nation at -42 degrees.

That was on the same day as our cold temperature, but even more bone-chilling. Any way you slice it, that’s damn cold, I don’t care who you are.

Sure is nice to be able to park my little car and the truck in the heated garage during these rough times. I sure do feel badly for the folks that make their living from working outdoors during these cold, cold, winters and all God’s little critters, too.

Well, keep warm and comfortable where ever you are and I’ll be catching you up on all the new antler basketweaving and chair caning I’ve been doing in between times stoking the wood stove and shoveling the walkways!

~~ Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much ~~
Until next time, Happy Weaving!
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  1. Marilyn Wenzel says:

    Embarrass temps were even in the WALL STREET JOURNAL last week. You’re all famous! M.

    • Isn’t that a hoot Marilyn? Not that I want us to be famous for living practically in the “icebox of the Nation.” Reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons and living near “Frostbite Falls,” think that was supposed to be International Falls, Minnesota, right?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful landscape! But it too darn cold up there for me. I don’t understand how you can stand it.

    • Lene,

      Actually, we stay inside as much as possible when the temps are soooo cold and I boost way up my consumption of Vitamin D3 just too be on the safe side. Walked down the driveway for the mail this early afternoon when it had “warmed” way up to -13 degrees and still froze my legs off. Feet were nice and warm in my Sorel boots and my hands were warm in the wool gloves though. :~)

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